How to buy an inexpensive mobile phone?

How to buy an inexpensive mobile phone?

This is a problem we have been discussing, the most cost-effective mobile phone is neither a powerful mobile phone, nor the parallel goods with lower price, but a contract phone launched by the major operators. The contract mobile phone donated by the operator is always at a low price or due to a fixed monthly consumption amount. But we must sign contracts for a certain period of time, and pay a certain amount each month. Only after the expiration, it can be resolved.

In the current market of mobile phone, it is very difficult to choose a suitable mobile phone. Next I will recommend a kind of $100 mobile phone and a kind of $200 mobile phone to you.

Duubee E1 is around 100 dollars while Duubee Gaia is around 200 dollars.

Both of them are of good values at that price.

Key features of Duubee E1 include:

• A powerful, faster and more personalized mobile experience.

• New interpolated front & rear cameras with fast shutter function.
• A slim body design with ultra-thin bezel in the front and elegant metal wire drawing finishing at the back.

• 5.0-inch HD Display offers an immersive digital experience.

• Quadcore snapdragon processor and enhanced computing architecture.

• All-new Duubee OS 1.0 based on Android 7.1 nougat.

Powerful device Duubee Gaia has the following features:

• 18:9+5.7″ HD screen, with a much clearer visual experience.

• Slim body with sexy curve on the back, which is a pleasure to touch.

•13MP+5MP dual rear camera, highlighting the main subject with lively details.

• 8MP selfie camera with soft light, giving customers natural and awesome selfies.

• Octa-core processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 450, high efficiency with low power consumption.

• Dual band wi-fi, for faster and more stable Internet access.

• 4G+ full band coverage with CA further improves network speed, giving a faster and richer network experience.

• Duubee OS 1.5, based on latest Android 8.1 Oreo, provides a warm and friendly experience.

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