Duubee Cooperate with Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)

On April 11, 2018, the representatives of GDUFS came to Duubee,communicating with Duubee’s top management in the field of talent development, oversea smartphone market, and cooperation matters. As we all know, Duubee’s centric business focus is on the integration of IoT solutions, Smartphones development, and Smart Home devices. Duubee’s capability includes OS development, R&D, Engineering, Testing and Certification,…
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Duubee Signed Patent License Agreement with Qualcomm

Shenzhen Duubee Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Duubee“) officially signed <Complete Terminal Chinese Patent License Agreement> with Qualcomm Incorporated, a Delaware corporation (“Qualcomm”). Qualcomm is top 1 telecommunication technology company, always leading mobile phone chipset solution. Duubee chooses Qualcomm chipset as our unique solution, focusing on providing the best user experience for our customer. Qualcomm has earned a…
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