Duubee E1 Acquires GMS and FCC Approval

Duubee E1 Acquires GMS and FCC Approval

At the end of March 2018, after 40 days of hard working, Duubee E1 got the GMS (Google Mobile Services) approval and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) license.

GMS approval includes CTS, GTS, VTS(Android O), CTS-Verifier and Default Setting check, a series of testing standards set by Google to make sure the whole android system runs well.

FCC approval runs by Federal Communications Commission, for smartphone product entering America market must get the FCC approval. Federal Communications Commission will investigate and test the safety in every step of the product, to find the best solutions.

They require great software and hardware abilities. For Duubee, it’s a huge step to entry the American smartphone market.

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