Duubee R&D builds the testing capability of Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification on Android latest Editions

Duubee R&D builds the testing capability of Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification on Android latest Editions

More and more Brand Companies began to launch devices based on an Android 8/Android O or Android Go Edition Operation system in 2018. Moreover, the Google Mobile Services (GMS) Certification of the latest version of OS Android is more complicated compared to GMS of Android 7/N and previous Android releases.

GMS Certification process of Android 8/ O /Go Edition devices still have mandatory Android Compatibility Tests (CTS Tests). With the help of CTS tests, developers can validate the device’s software and hardware components.

Also, the device should pass the Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS Verifier) tests. CTS Verifier provides tests for functions and APIs that require manual input on a stationary device (as speaker quality, sensors, network tests, etc).

The third mandatory test suite is GMS Test Suite (GTS). GTS ensure that the Google Mobile applications are compatible with the device.

In addition, special for Android 8/O/Go Edition based devices all brands should pass three NEW Test Suites:

Vendor Test (VTS Tests) which consists of a set of testing frameworks and test cases, designed to help enhance the robustness, reliability, and compliance of the Android system and low-level system software.

CTS-on-GSI runs on device with Google image, the test cases are similar with CTS test cases. It is running under VTS TradeFed console.

The Android Security Test Suite (STS) validates if known security vulnerabilities are addressed on Android devices.

AS a partner of Google’s camp, Duubee R&D builds fully testing capability of GMS certification on Android 8/O/Go Edition (CTS/CTSV/GTS/VTS/CTS-on-GSI/STS), which is beneficial to shorten the granted approval of Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification license, to ensure all Android OS devices stability and perfect performance.

The Duubee OS 1.5 is based on Android 8.1 Oreo, and up to 400 optimizations has further enhanced the android experience. Duubee will continue to invest more on R&D to build android-based smartphones, IOT, smart home devices; and create an intelligent life connected with all things.

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