Duubee Has Become a Member of CTIA

Duubee Has Become a Member of CTIA

May 10th,2018, Duubee has become a member of CTIA. Being a member of CTIA will accelerate Duubee’s process of becoming a world-class wireless equipment supplier.

After that, Duubee can work with CTIA. Duubee’s engineering team would have access to CTIA Certification Working Groups, where other members participate to refine test plans including a device hardware reliability plan.

As we all know that CTIA administers the PTCRB program and as such, runs the certification program for wireless devices in the U.S. To be a member of CTIA, Duubee can join the certification program, which includes the Battery Certification Program, Battery Life Certification Program, Bluetooth® Compatibility Certification Program, Device Hardware Reliability Certification Program, LTE/CDMA Device Certification Program and PTCRB Certification Program.

Wireless is central to our lives, our families and our economy. With CTIA’s support, Duubee will participate in the industry-leading events and research on issues such as 5G, cybersecurity, smart cities, etc. That’s also what Duubee expected.

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