Good quality is the best reward

Good quality is the best reward

Today consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality mobile phones,such demand will surly become the first priority of Duubee. To achieve that, the reliability of products is the core standard of quality control. Duubee not only built a series of reliability laboratories, but also put a lot of resource for reliability test.


The reliability such as:

Functional reliability test: simulate 10,000 times of user restart, wake up the phone repeatedly.

Environmental cycle testing: high and low temperature test, salt mist test, dust test.

Aging life test: Keyboard test, plug and pull durability test of USB/ headset/battery /SD card /SIM card/touch panel.

Aging life test: long working tests of LCD screen, Flash lamp, loudspeaker, receiver and motor.

Mechanical strength testing: simulated human sitting pressure, twist, fall, hardness, paint removal,preventive cosmetics and sweat corrosion test.


Duubee will keep doing the foundation work and good quality is the best reward.

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