Multiple certifications give birth to high-quality Duubee E1s

Multiple certifications give birth to high-quality Duubee E1s

As we all know, all the products of Duubee are self-developed and manufactured. Duubee always puts a lot of resource to R&D, till now it has produced many high-quality products with multiple certifications, giving customers the best user experience.

For Duubee E1s, it has got the following certifications:

  • GMS (Google Mobile Services) approval;
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Certification;
  • PTCRB Certification;
  • CEC Certification; California65 Certification;
  • IEEE1725 Certification for battery cell;
  • BQB Certification for Bluetooth;
  • WIFI CWG Certification;
  • AT&T Reliability Testing.

GMS approval includes CTS, GTS, VTS (Android O), CTS-Verifier and Default Setting check, a series of testing standards set by Google to make sure the whole android system runs well.

FCC approval runs by Federal Communications Commission, for smartphone product entering America market must get the FCC approval.

PTCRB certification is a quasi-mandatory model certification performed by a third-party certification organization in the United States, and all the terminal devices in the North American market are subject to PTCRB certification. E1s has passed the special test of North American operators, and most of the test items were tested by TEOCO Lab. AGPS part is tested by Sprient, while DM part is interactively tested by Nokia server.

Duubee always tries hard to bring reliable products, and it has developed all test procedures for MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), thus greatly improving the efficiency of test and reducing the omission of factitious test.

Obtaining these certifications means Duubee have access to the North American carrier market. Duubee will continue to put its product in the first place and reward the market with high-quality products.

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