Stable and Smoothly Operating System (OS) experience will always be the first priority

Stable and Smoothly Operating System (OS) experience will always be the first priority

In recent years, mobile consumers have increased concern about the stability experience of Operating System (OS); this key user experience drives the whole industry including Carrier Operators, OS platform developer and mobile brand manufacturer keep research on stability theory as well as an automatic testing solution.


Currently, the very well known stability test solution in the industry is MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), MTBF can be calculated as the arithmetic mean (average) time between failures of a system. The longer average time is expected, the higher the stability of the system will be. In the USA, the No.1 operator AT&T requests the MTBF test as mandatory criteria for lab entry, that means OEM should build MTBF testing capability to calculate stability performance of their mobile system.


Another widely use stability test solution is the Monkey test, is a technique where the user tests the application (APP) or operating system (OS) by providing random inputs and checking the behavior or seeing whether the APP or OS will crash. Monkey testing is usually implemented as random, automated unit tests.


As a user value smart terminal brand based on the Americans market, Duubee R&D builds the stability test capability by running MTBF/Monkey on a self-developed automatic platform, which enables multiple mobile units to keep perform MTBF test cases 7×24 hours continuity. (the test case covers 2G/3G/4G voice calls, SMS/MMS, browser surfing, phone book and other most user usage scenarios). Duubee stability test standard follows the AT&T standard (MTBF test expected time over 800 hours), to ensure that there is no force close, dysfunction, ANR, crashes and other abnormal issues on Duubee product.


Providing stable and reliable product experience for users and making them feel happy about Duubee products, are always be the priorities for Duubeer.

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