Duubee OS 1.5, do more with less

Duubee OS 1.5, do more with less

The importance of the operating system for mobile phones goes without saying, the leading brands spend a lot of resources on developing their own OS, and so does Duubee.


Duubee OS 1.5 based on Android 8.1 Oreo, it provides a warm and friendly experience.


To build a nice and clean interface, the designers remake every detail. Each icon and wallpaper cohered the sagacity and enthusiasm of the designers.


Duubee also customized weather interface and animation, collaborate with the top weather software AccuWeather, brings you warm even in the cold weather.


The fingerprint sensor is not just the quick and safe access to your mobile, it can also bring you some convenience. Combine user’s high-frequency operation, we put a few shortcuts on the sensor, such as camera function, screenshot, and opening app.


Like any other top brands, we will not stop optimizing the Duubee OS, more surprises will come.


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