Duubee's core business covers 5G+ integrated ICT solutions, IOT, Smart Home, Smart Phones, and otherrelated product lines, has DMS, Duubee Cloud service platform, Duubee Smart + platform, Duubee’s capability includes the end-to-end supply capacity of 2G/3G/4G/5G and IOT product R&D, TestingandCertification, Production, Sales, Marketing and After-Sales Service support.

Creating an intelligent life connected with all things
To be the global top ICT solution Provider

Provide customers with satisfactory products and services,
Adhere to hard work and create value for customers,
Adhere to self-criticism, constantly innovate, and keep pace with the


With 5G communication, Cloud computing and AIoT technology as the core technologies, Provides digitalized, productized and platformized end-to-end ICT solutions, creates an industrial ecosystem of "Cloud + End to End + Field" and empowers all things to connect intellectually.

  • 5G+ Intelligent Terminal
  • 5G+ICT Solution
  • 5G+ Smart Manufacturing

The company has a DUUBEE Smart + Platform based on DMS (DUUBEE mobile service), which can provide comprehensive ICT solutions based on 5G+ Big data. With DUUBEE Smart Cloud service platform, DUUBEE Cloud +SaaS realizes full-function data interconnection. The DUUBEE DAPR platform supports both microservices and the “Go language” which based codeless platforms to quickly process the communication between machine/devices and the Cloud. The overall solution is completely independently developed by the company.

  • Duubee Cloud
    Duubee Cloud platform solutions integrate the practical experience in Open Stack, Docker, Kubernetes, CEPH and other open source technologies, as well as the system level research and development experience in basic software products such as OA, ERP, MES, IOT platforms, and integrate the most basic services such as Big Data basic platforms, Cloud computing, application servers, etc. into one platform to provide cloud services.
  • DAPR Platform
    A portable, event driven running program can easily build elastic, stateless and stateful applications, which can run in Duubee Cloud platform or Edge Computing. At the same time, it supports micro services and the “go language” based codeless platform, and quickly handles the communication between machine/equipment and the Cloud.
Agile and efficient business architecture
  • Based on the Open Stack and Kubernetes architecture, Cloud Computing, network, and storage are separated, which has the characteristics of high security, flexible networking, simplified resource management and allocation, etc.
  • Support deep and flexible customization, realize the agile development of business on the cloud, operate reliably on the Edge, enable partners to deeply cultivate core business flows, and continue to release potential business value.
Ensure production capacity and supply, promote the concept of intelligent manufacturing, and build unmanned workshops and smart factories. The company has passed the latest certification of IS09001, ISO14001, HSAS18001, CCC, FCC, CE, ROHS, GCF, CSR and etc. The company has completed IT system support and access to ERP, ISC, APS, SRM, EMS3.0 and Bi systems for manufacturing collaborative management. Improve product yield and production efficiency, reduce inventory, quickly respond to market changes, achieve good cost control, and gradually realize production automation and lean.