Create an industrial ecology of "cloud + terminal + field", enabling intelligent connection of all things

Duubee ICT Solution

         Taking 5G communication, cloud computing, and AloT technology as the core, providing end-to-end ICT
solutions of digital, product-based, and platform-based, and creating an industrial ecosystem of "cloud+end+field"

Duubee intelligent cloud office platform

Based on Duubee cloud service capability, it combines with advanced service providers in the industry to provide remote collaborative, rapid deployment, safe and reliable intelligent cloud management solutions for manufacturing enterprises, helping manufacturing enterprises to significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Industry 4.0 solutions

Based on Dolby cloud service capability, the company, together with advanced service providers in the industry, provides manufacturing enterprises with remote collaborative, rapid deployment, safe and reliable smart cloud management solutions, helping manufacturing enterprises significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Intelligent e-commerce system

Developed based on SaaS architecture, access to the universal cloud and universal mobile platform, support upstream and downstream interconnection to communication; Support product display, placingorders, personnel......

Duubee urban renewal management system

Provide support for urban renewal business flow program with map approval, urban renewal project resource inventory, scientific analysis, intelligent scheme deduction,plot analysis,project effectiveness,etc.Ensure the orderly progress......

Smart agricultural systems

To the 'raw materials-production-inventory -sales-logistics' from thewhole process control, by tracing the whole process information, thus effectively monitored data, implement 'cloud+ end' management model, real output from......

Security traceability system

Provide one-stop solutions, own independent intellectual property rights, with high scalability and integration, can effectively protect enterprise brand value, establish consumer confidence and standardize market order.

Smart park solutions

All-round intelligent new management; Efficient, from the beginning of wisdom; Park integrated service platform + intelligent Internet of things + data visualization + innovative operation

Smart campus solutions

advanced dual-mode recognition technology and face recognition technology are adopted to strictly control the security level of the campus, prevent foreign personnel from entering and leaving the campus gate and......