Smart School

Create a safe and green intelligent teaching environment

Smart School

With the goal of achieving a smart campus and a safe campus, Adopting advanced dual-mode recognition technology and face recognition technology to strictly control the access rights of people in and out of campus,improve the safety level of the campus, prevent outsiders from entering and leaving the campus gate and student dormitory at will, and the safety of teachers and students on campus.

Smart Campus Cloud Platform

Five wisdom + One-stop service

  • Wisdom Teaching

    Mainly based on tablet computers, combined with electronic teaching equipment, through interactive activities in the software, students can fully participate in teaching activities, interact with teachers, and effectively improve the entire teaching quality.

  • Smart Management

    Construct a management information system covering the whole school, and realize the scientific, automatic and refined management by synchronizing and sharing information. Improve management efficiency and reduce management costs.

  • Wisdom Education

    Construct a smart environment for comprehensive teaching management, scientifically and uniformly allocate teaching resources, improve the utilization of teaching resources, reform teaching methods, and improve teaching efficiency and quality.

  • Smarter Life

    Build a convenient, efficient, elegant and healthy smart living environment and electronic service platform.

  • Smart Environment

    The establishment of a data sharing center and unified identity authentication and authorization center, unified portal platform and integrated application software platform lay a solid foundation for a more scientific and reasonable smart environment.

  • One-stop Service

    Realize one-stop service for the main activities of management, teaching and life of teachers and students, improve the level of service to teachers and students, and improve the ability to serve the society.

Smart Campus Informatization

Take the Internet of Things and intelligence as the main technical route, and take service innovation as the guide, deepen the informatization in all aspects, and build a smart campus in an all-round way


5G communication technology and local area network are used to link sensors, controllers, people and things together in a new way to form the connection between people and things, things and things, and to realize informationized remote management control and energy network.

Big Data
Big Data

Use tools for data processing within an affordable range, and use new processing modes to optimize mass, high growth rates, and diverse data information.


Turn teaching into big data analysis and artificial intelligence-assisted student-centered personalized learning, providing each student with personalized and customized learning content and methods to stimulate students' deep learning desire.

Safe Campus

Intelligent face recognition access control, safe and efficient

  • Face recognition

    Deep learning algorithm, fast face recognition, high accuracy, supports multiple verification methods of face and card swiping.

  • Access control

    Group the students according to the dormitory to which they belong. It can be set that only the students in the dormitory can enter and exit, to prevent students from crossing the dormitory.

  • Attendance

    Analyze the entry and exit status of students and staff, understand students' truancy, absence, late return, non-return and other events, patrol and security card check-in, daily duty analysis records.




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